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Abrites May sales

Don't loose Abrites May sales 17-05-2023 until 31-05-2023

We are happy to announce the start of our festive online Abrites May sales.

Get exclusive package deals and up to -30 % on ABRITES products only between 17 May and 31 May 2023!

Read all the info below:

This promotion, we offer three spring packages: 

Peugeot/Citroën functionalities -30 %:

PN009 - Engine Control Unit Advanced Diagnostic

PN017 - BSI, Instrument Cluster Data Manager

PN018 - PIN manager

PN019 - Advanced Coding Configuration

Opel/Vauxhall functionalities -30 %:

ON010 - Engine Control Unit Flash Manager

ON013 - PIN and Key Manager

ON014 - Advanced Configuration

Full software packages -20 %:

PSA FULL - Full set of Peugeot/Citroën licenses

GM FULL - Full set of Opel/Vauxhall licenses

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