ZN085 - Abrites Programmer RH850/V850

ZN085 - Abrites Programmer RH850/V850

This ABRITES Programmer is used for reading data from various vehicle modules with RH850 or V850 locked processors, used in a multitude of automotive brands. The Programmer is used on bench and needs to be soldered to the module, e.g. BCM, Virtual cockpit/Instrument Cluster, Handsfree Module, to connect.




Reading and writing locked V850 processors

Reading locked RH850 processors

The acquired Immo data allows:

Mileage calibration

Cluster exchange

Key programming

Once you read the data from the module, you will be able to perform numerous procedures!

The Programmer is capable of reading Component Security bytes, Component Protection bytes, vehicle identification numbers, MAC address, learned key IDs for VAG vehicles, as well as PIN code for Renault vehicles.

Supported V850/RH850 Processors:

VDO MQB Analogue V850 70F3526

VDO MQB Virtual Cockpit V850 70F3526

VDO MQB Analogue V850 70F3525

VDO MQB Analogue V850 70F3537

JCI MQB Analogue V850 70F3529

VDO MQB Virtual RH850 R7F701401 (with Megamos-AES keys)

Renault HFM RH850

Renault BCM RH850

And many more to come!

Expect many new developments and functionalities in the upcoming weeks!

Mileage recalibration procedures for VAG vehicles with V850 processors require the VN007 license.

Key programming procedures for VAG vehicles with V850 processors require the VN009 license.

Key programming procedures for VAG vehicles with RH850 processors require the VN021 license.

All Keys Lost key programming procedures for Renault vehicles equipped with a RFH/BCM module require the RR026 license.

An AVDI with active AMS is required to complete all these procedures.

Data sheet

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