Our company with the distinctive title "Pasvatis" is an innovative company founded in 2007, based in Veria. Our main goal is the development of applications, tools and the provision of services for electronic and mechanical components that are integrated in cars, trucks, engines, etc.

The functionality of our equipment is affected both by the specific requirements of our customers and by the rapid development of the automotive industry. We offer practical solutions to optimize, standardize and simplify your work.

We are pleased to work with companies from around the world for distribution, training and customer service that guarantees satisfaction and loyalty to our customers. Following the latest requirements of those involved in the services of the automotive industry, we have developed tools and programs that are constantly being improved and developed.

Our company has a trademark "pasvatis", which guarantees the authenticity of our products. By using our diagnostic products, our customers have the ability for integrated diagnostics and diagnostic procedures that are inaccessible or not supported by equipment provided by car manufacturers. Our company is in constant search for application development to offer complete solutions to automotive services. In an effort to exceed our customers' expectations, we intend to develop and maintain our products to be compatible with operating systems such as "iOS", "Linux", "Android", etc.

We believe in our potential, our innovation and our dynamics and we aim to achieve the impossible !!!

Pasvatis is a leading provider in Greece in terms of unit programming solutions, which have NAND FLASH, eeprom, mcu microcontrollers and other programmable devices. Our company specializes in the development of electronic equipment and applications for the diagnosis of vehicles as well as the programming-reprogramming of units such as: immobilizer, ECU, instrument panel, air-bag and other units of vehicles. In collaboration with the largest companies in the world, we can design a program and equipment according to customer requirements. We provide nationwide and global coverage at the level of wholesale and retail.

The field of action of our company until today extends to many areas such as:

Diagnostic machines
Transponder chip copying and programming machines
Transponder chip programming machines from OBDII
Programmers IC and MCU
Electronic and manual key cutting machines
Electronic CNC engraving machines
Transponder chip, RFID cards
Immobilizer keys, transponder chip, car remote control, car remote control shells and spare parts (buttons, contact tires, etc.)
Service programs (Pin codes- reading & writingeeprom, transponder chip construction)
High-tech products and tools - laboratory equipment.

Our company is the exclusive representative of the companies:

Abrites, Turbodecoder, Automotive , REDT, MBE Group and TMPro2 for Greece.

We are one of the most modern and fully equipped laboratories in the world. We provide the best and fastest technical support in Greece and abroad. 

From its foundation until today, our company presents an upward trend, which is due to the combination of four factors:

In the excellent quality of our products
In the wide range of products and services
At competitive prices
In many years of experience and knowledge on the subject in terms of high technology and know-how.

Technical support and company "Pasvatis" operates daily (Monday-Friday) from 09:00 to 17:00 (UTC/GMT +2 hours) by appointment  (except local and bank holidays).